Ruple Bluntskin

The Deity of myself Detroit bred Concocted by the 90's

A question that will fuck you up (via after-the-shine)

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Are you good at it because you love it or do you love it because you’re good at it?


Friends that you can also have sex with too.









Korean-American heroine Silk will be receiving her own ongoing series, written by Robbie Thompson and drawn by Stacey Lee.

wonderful design

This is soooo pretty

~Tempting~ I may have to check out issue 1

Okay, so a new woman in the Spider-Verse. I tend to love my Spider-Verse women. Although I’m not sure the need is so high for a new Asian American one when Scorpion is still out there…

I may check it out anyways.

I just wish that Scorpion would get more love.

Why does there need to be a limit on Asian-American characters? We have one so I guess we’re done?

Spider family is growing!!!!!

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Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this hurt.

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